// END SALE was a curatorial proposal and simultaneously a happening; from a critical perspective to a local art market, proposing a sale of personal objects in disuse as well as art in the space of Tacora (a street and informal market). Tacora has within the Lima common sense which is associated to a market of stolen things, it is a special unsafe space, actually almost vanished. This is the main reason why artists, collectors, curators, museums directors and cultural centers directors (state and/or private) were invited. Also the public in general could “sell” and exchange (or at least interchange) in Tacora, having the support of EGO (a furniture turned into art center by the Spanish artist Carmen Canton). END SALE took place in an former industrial warehouse turned into a commercial market.  Sunday, is the day that welcomes crowds; the whole market covers 8 blocks, and it also stops car traffic by the amount of street vendors. For that reason Sunday was the selected day. //


remate de saldos (end sale) EGO @ Tacora. Lima, 2003


slideshow (Photos: Roger Atasi)



curatorial project of Carlos León-Xjiménez in Tacora market (La Victoria district, Lima)

EGO-Lima Art center

April 27th, 2003

9h00 – 14h00

curatorial project + happening + installation


EGO-Lima was supported by the Spanish Cultural Center in Lima

More information (Spanish only) in Centro de Arte EGO (Check projects / Lima)