SOCORRO is conceived as a contemporary art experimental platform that encourages independent production of knowledge through multidisciplinary creative processes. All through curatorial practices, research and interaction with the given social context. Is also a laboratory for critical reflection on the art production. In that sense, as part of its program of artists’ residence, also seeks to generate dialogue inviting artists without permanent base in Lima (Peru).

Art platform founded in LIma, December 2014


process institute


Process Institute founded itself as an artist collective as a solution to supporting public practices, working without a permanent space or consistent support systems.  If temporary & mobility are the contemporary answer to sustain culture, we need to initiate an invested exploration of the possibilities of this phenomenon. “How to exist” posed concrete questions of how to parasite spaces, collaborate with other institutions, and what kind of infrastructures are needed in contemporary art-production, as well as exploring more deeply the issues of adaptation, appropriation, migration, and how to remain rooted while mobile.

Artists Collective founded in Berlin, January 2010