// participatory cooking happening //


Edith Sachs Visual Arts, Miraflores (Lima)
august 2002
19h30 – 22h00


action + happening + instalation

participatory cooking happening.

Integrates a potatoes cooking action, when were ready are offered to the assistants so that they could taste. If the assistants did not wish to eat only potatoes, they were invited to prepare sauces, and to make more elaborated recipes (domestic, traditional or experimental prescriptions or mixtures). In the opposite side of the table where potatoes have been cooked, were knives, vegetables, species and a mixer. Who wishes to buy some ingredient to elaborate a preparation, is welcome.

Potatos varieties offered (camotillo, canchán, negra, and others) came from Jauja, Junín, in the central Highlands of Peru. Those high altitude potato varieties are not massive, because that kind of consume level, they are hard to find, and can not be bought in supermarkets. Only can be found in regional migrants markets or in certain big markets.

While assistance people, cook and get into talk, a computer screen shows a power-point presentation that include images, texts and statistical data.That information  allows the viewer to realize the potato production surround, and also its industrial use. Differents stages where a common potato, reveal different rules and participatory contexts.  Not only peruvian agricultural reality is analized, also globalization strategies like fast-food in alimentary habits, also industrial production, but also from national agricultural statisticals. At theother side, the hunger, the single woman with her first childhood, alimentary globalizations habits… National agricultural ministerium data… in a place with increasingly lounge, ambient and drum ’n bass music.

papalounge is looking for a encounter and dialogue space, from the notion of everyday hunger, and socio-cultural surround where food is produced. Within this encounter and participatory cooking process, the passerby realized about globalization.  Confronting individual experiences, the joy allow the people to talk each other, finding new dishes, and sharing recipes in a solidarity manner.


> cooking potatoes action

> participatory kitchen & cuisine happening

> music by Peter Wolf

> some slides of power-point presentation