// paying attention to the diversity of East-Leipzig inhabitants, the New Leipzig Kitchen focused in the everyday meals by international immigrants settled down in Leipzig. A new flavour based on the creative mix, highlighting their different origins and cultural traditions. //

New Leipzig Kitchen, Leipzig 2009


Neue Leipziger Küche
(New Leipzig Cuisine)

(intercultural participatory cooking project)
(urban interventions)

Project done with the collaboration of Zöe Kreye (CAN) and Kristina Draskovic (SER) in 2008-2009
Research done in 2008

Neue Leipziger Küche WEB (in German) for the socio-cultural development in 2010


Video by Kristina Draskovic after the project in Rabet. Leipzig, Germany.



Photos by Loukas Bartatilas and Carlos León-Xjimenez



  • “Wie schmeckt Leipzig?” by Ingrid Hildebrandt (in German). Published IN: Leipziger Volkszeitung. Leipzig, Friday 20th, 2009 (Neustadt-Neuschönefeld, Zentrum Edition). WEB
  • “Kunst kommt von Können – Die Neue Leipziger Küche” by Henry Hufenreuter (in German). Published IN: Neustädter Markt Journal. Leipzig 2009 Issue 1/2009, page 16-17. WEB