// an apparent shanty built on the top of Bogota´s Museum for Contemporary Art, shows the self-constructing popular model of Bogota´s urban sprawl. Also reflecting on the current situation of the surroundings neighborhoods where the Bogota-MAC was built around the 1960´s.
A reflection on the poor hinterland´s migration, due economical needs and escaping from the inner war violence. This condition is similar to many Latin American main cities. //

Extension MAC, Bogota 2013


installation and space of use.

A project by Carlos León-Xjiménez with the collaboration of Rodrigo Derteano in the framework of the workingVOICES project.



Extension MAC, Bogota 2013


Opening celebration on the rooftop within the “cambuche” (slum) on top of the museum with dj session.

The installation was offer as an unexpected space to host a possible Bogota Center for Post-Contemporary Culture, in symbiotic (and parasiting) relation with the museum below. If contemporary art took place in the museum, on the rooftop cabin on-going alternative cultural practices can have space (with great view of the surrounding landscape!).

2013_leonxjimenez_extensionMAC_04 2013_leonxjimenez_extensionMAC_05


3 images on the research process and later development on top of the museum´s building

2013_leonxjimenez_extensionMAC_proceso_01 2013_leonxjimenez_extensionMAC_proceso_02 2013_leonxjimenez_extensionMAC_proceso_03



Project done in the framework of workingVOICES Bogota, by curator Harm Lux.  (in English + Spanish)