Lighting tree intervention.

September 24th 2009. 

Tree located in the urban block defined by Jirón de la Unión, Camaná, Quilca and Tambo de Belén in Lima Historical Center.

Due the city growth many of the former courtyards inside the urban blocks became space to build housing constructions or were cover with cement to become parking lots. The choosen tree is the only one that survives in that urban block.

The tree also confronts a paradoxical situation because it is the refugee space for the local buzzards (gallinazos); the ones that contaminate with their detritus the everyday living of the dwellers living under the tree.

Due the deforestation of the surrounded trees at Jirón Uruguay, the buzzard have less trees in the area where to stay.

The landscape shaped by the precarious rooftops and the surrounding decayed constructions is barely perceived at night.

The light on the tree was planned to highlight the contradictory situation of the tree between by one side a wish for more green areas in the city downtown, and the stress of the inhabitants below the tree.

(Foto from the staircase. Jr. de la Unión 1042’s 4th floor (former Sala 1042 space)



This intervention was due in the frame of the “TECHOS DE LIMA: espacios urbanos y topografía límite” (Lima Rooftops: urban spaces and border topographies) workshop projects presentation.
Panoramic aerial view of the block, with the tree at the left side. (Click to enlarge!)
Below, the theater lightning system used for the intervention.