digital animation
variable duration

animation computer work + performace

> 3D animation experiment made in text processing software Microsoft Word, 1997 version.

> computer performance with Word 97 files (animations images or frames). Word 97 allows each file to be open in the same program window, without open a new one as happens in later Microsoft Word versions (Word 2000, i.e.)

> each file is an animation itself, made by a form amount that appear progressively.

> it is suggested a computer with a Pentium I equipment, or equivalent, because is the technology used to create this artwork)  As the RAM is loaded with 30 or more files to be open simultaneously, the processor delay its answer speed, to open them in a secuencial manner.

> the 4 videos are a projection register from the performance made within the art exhibtion ATP (audio transfer protocol), of the artist Sun Cok.
Projects hall, art museum San Marcos University Cultural Center.
May 2003.
> an animation.doc selection was shown at the 7th video / arte / electronica festival (Lima 2003) with the name “Word animation”
(Bibliography at: perú / video / arte / electronica: memorias del festival internacional de video / arte/ electronica.  Lima, edited by ATA – URP – IIMA  2003. page 102)

Images from the original projection on ATP (audio transfer protocol)

2002_leonxjimenez_animation.doc_01_072dpi 2002_leonxjimenez_animation.doc_02_072dpi 2002_leonxjimenez_animation.doc_03_072dpi 2002_leonxjimenez_animation.doc_04_072dpi

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